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Paranormal Phenomenon : astral body

What is the Astral Body?
Article about the Astral Body and projecting the astral body on
physical death. What is the astral body? What happens to the astral
body after death? For more information about the Astral Body read
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What Happens to the Aura When You Are Dead?

Craig Hamilton parker talks about the Spirit WorldWhen a person is
ill, the colors of the aura go dark and pull in close to the body.
When death comes, the aura withdraws into the body, ready to leave in
what mystics call the astral body. This astral form of the human body
is made of prana and looks like it is made of light.

There are three main sheaths that encase the soul:
The physical body

Spirit World astral bodyThe physical body houses the spirit. It is a
wonderful piece of organic machinery but is not the real you. The body
is like a set of clothes. We put them it on when we are born and cast
it aside when we die.

The physical body is animated by the prana life force of the astral
body. It is connected at seven main points, called by the Sanskrit as
chakras--which translates literally as "'wheel" although most people
envision them as lotus flowers of light. The seven major chakras, or
energy centers, correspond to the endocrine glands of the body and run
upward along the spinal chord.

Centered along the spine, the chakra points correspond with the base
of the spine, just below the navel, just below the rib cage, the
center of the chest, the top of the throat, the center of the
forehead, and the very top of the head. As a person spiritually
awakens, his life force becomes centered on the upper chakras. For
example, a person mainly interested in sex and power will have their
prana energy centered on the chakra at the base of the spine. A person
focused on spirituality and enlightenment will have their prana energy
centered on the crown chakra at the top of the head.
The astral body

Kabbala 5 soulsWhen I see the aura, I am looking at the outer part of
the astral body. The Hindus call the astral body the Linga-Sharira, a
Sanskrit word meaning "design body." The Ancient Egyptians called it
the Ka, the Greeks called it the pneuma, and the Jewish Kabbalistic
doctrines call the astral bodies the five souls. Other terms include
the etheric double, perisprit, doppelganger, phantom, spook, and so on.

The astral body is an energy equivalent of the physical body. It has
astral duplicates of all the internal organs, the nerves, the
arteries, as well as the physical frame and even our familiar face.
According to the Theosophists, this astral body also has a record of
all the human memories experienced by the person. All living things,
including plants, have an astral framework that is with us from birth
and determines the growth and form of the physical being.

The part of the astral body that reacts with the physical body is
sometimes called the etheric field. This can be see by psychic people
as a blue/red light that runs like a line around the body frame. It is
most easily seen at the tips of the fingers, if you look at them in a
very low light. A technique I teach my students is to look between the
gap that's formed if you hold your two index fingers close together.
In subdued light you may see fine lines of light dancing between the
two fingers. This is the etheric field of the astral body.

The astral body is also considered the seat of the emotions, so it is
also sometimes called the emotional or desire body. Some people also
call the higher function of the astral body the mental body. Other
esoteric teachings refer to a number of distinct planes of the
afterlife, each with its own corresponding "vehicle" of consciousness.
Just as there are seven chakras, so too are there seven etheric
sheaths that vibrate at different levels of spirituality.