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Ghost Stories: Photo proves that the graveyard ghost was real

"I was brought up by my grandmother from the age of 18 months and, never knew my mother or father. My father's name was never mentioned.

It wasn't until I was 46 years old that I discovered his name and that for all these years he lived only a half hour's bus ride away from me! Also, I discovered I had two sisters and a half brother. From the information on the death certificate, I found out where my father was buried.

I went straight to the cemetery. I knelt down beside my father's neglected grave and sobbed 'Father. If only you'd lived long enough for me to see what you looked like' When I looked up I saw the ghostly figure of a man dressed in a blue uniform. He was stood on the top of a grave in a position that would be impossible for a real person to climb to.

I also noticed that the figure faded away from below the knee and there were no feet. He smiled at me. In utter horror I fled from the grave yard. When I met my new found sister I explained what happened and described the man I saw. She said nothing but handed me a photograph of my father- the first picture I had ever seen of him. It was the exact likeness of the ghost I had seen in the graveyard.

Mrs Jean C- Appleby, Cumbria."