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Reccuring Dreams

True recurring dreams are noted to have the same scenes or are at
least nearly identical. Nightmares are similar to recurring dreams
with the exception that nightmares may contain different storylines
while maintaining the same theme.

Each of these dream types hold the same function, however.

Recurring dreams attempt to alert each of us to specific "signs" in
our lives and continue to do so until we actually receive and
understand its purpose. Once we accept what the dream is trying toconvey and acknowledge its true meaning, the recurring dreams will
cease. Please note that if similar life issues arise, in the future,
the recurring dream may replay itself to aid in that instance as well.

Below are some examples of questions one can ask him/herself when
faced with a recurring dream.

1. Are my recurring dreams manifesting from a desire in waking life?
If so, am I acknowledging the desire or repressing it? Is there a way
to bring it to fruition, to obtain results to my wish?

2. Are my dreams linked to emotions such as anxiety or fear? Can I
uncover the emotion's source?

3. Do any symbols stick out in my mind? If so, what do I think those
symbols mean?

4. Does anything in my dream resemble waking life? If so, what
specifically does it seem to mirror?

5. What are my reactions and feelings when I wake up? Why might this be, and is there anything specifically in the dream that may be
causing this?

These dreams may appear as frustrating because they do recur, however one must know that it is for the betterment of his/her own well-being.
So please heed these statements: Pay close attention to the themes and individual symbols and see how it relates to waking life. Do not look upon the recurring dream lightly for the subconscious is only trying to strengthen the person as a whole. Furthermore, it is best not to ignore these dreams because they will only get worse.