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The Haunted Royal Hope Hospital

Located near the Spanish Quarter Village in Old St. Augustine, the Military hospital was formerly named Our Lady of Guadeloupe. Of course, the building that stands there today is a replica of the original which stood on this same site from 1784-1821. Interesting discoveries were made, of the gruesome type, when the city decided to overhaul its waterlines, which ran under the Military hospital.

St. Augustine’s Royal Hope Hospital in Florida was demolished in the early 19th century (another hospital was later rebuilt on the same site), but not before housing a military hospital for almost 40 years. In current times, construction work at the modern hospital’s building site uncovered a Hollywood staple: the hospital had been built on an ancient American Indian burial site. This apparently causes angry spirits to violently toss around furniture and medical equipment. The stories continue to this day.

With it's dark tragic lost haunted history, Royal Hope Hospital still haunts St. Augustines' Florida visitors and citizens everyday, at the historic St. Augustine Hospital Haunted Museums. Though the building is not the original it is possibly even more haunted than anyone is aware of!

In the surgeon’s office, there have been reports of the equipment shaking on its own; while in the ward, visitors have said that the beds have actually jumped and knocked at their legs as they passed by. All of this despite the fact that it is not the original building. However, those who believe say the spirits of those who died at the hospital have remained on the grounds through all of these years.

Royal Hope Hospital or Spanish Military Hospital Museum in St. Augustine, Florida meets these exacting ghost requirements. Even though this is a reconstructed new building on it's original site, hundreds of ghost still cling strongly to the spot!

From the original buildings earliest recorded history, the hospital would have bandaged, operated on and patched and prepared thousands of the dead or dying from several wars, including the Seminole Wars, and the Civil War. amputations were a common practice of the time. And often many have visited the hospital and spoken of a feeling of fear and great worry overcoming them. Honestly the truest of haunted feelings.

Located near the Spanish Quarter Village in Old St. Augustine, the Military hospital was formerly named Our Lady of Guadalupe.The actual haunted building that stands today is not the original it is a replica of the original which stood on this same site from 1784-1821. Very strange discoveries were made, when the St. Augustine's' city Officials decided to overhaul its crumbling broken down underground waterlines.

“What the city workers reported and are said to have actually found at that time were many piles of human bones,”

“From the sheer number of bones that they found, it’s quite likely that they built the hospital on top of a Timucuan indian burial site.”

Significant recent haunted ghost encounters have included, clear audible EVP's, Ghost Photos and some have witnessed strange paranormal phenomena as actually seeing objects move and shake for no reason. Some visitors have reported being touched and scratched by unseen hands, scratches appearing on their faces stomachs and backs, which often have formed legible words as ( help, and words in Spanish), and movement of heavy beds and small objects often shake and glide a few inches. Orbs and ectoplasm have been photographed in or near the area of the building.

Some recent ghost stories, sightings and encounters at The Haunted Hospital Museum Tour includes these reported occurrences quite often many more and similar happen in these specific rooms.

Equipped with the Priest's tools for blessing the many dying and dead patients. Some say they have heard praying, sobbing and moaning in this room and the strong feeling of despair and remorse. It's chilling says Diane Ramsey a recent visitor It scared me but it made me realize the afterlife and real Ghost do exist!

View the tools of the trade and find out what practices are still used today. In this room many strange sounds and objects seem to move or shake is what is most commonly reported. Psychic Mickey of Miami Said upon visiting this room she could actually feel a man clinging to her clothes. " He would not let go of me ." She stated. " Finally I broke his tight ghost hand grip by moving fast out of the room, and he was gone."

Strict regulations dictated by the Government of Spain defined medical care in the Royal Hospital. This is the room where many of the beds seem to jump out and bump visitors in the shins. Michael Franco, and Christine Perez tell of seeing a ghost move past them very fast the stop look at them and just vanish before their very eyes.

The Apothecary was the only staff members allowed to dispense medicines. Often in this room many have reported seeing shadows move strangely across the walls and the sound of a sobbing man. Paula Hill says that she was very calm then suddenly something or someone hugged her with invisible arms. " I felt it I know it was real, no one can tell me it did not happen to me!"

Located near the Spanish Quarter Village, the Spanish Military Museum was once known as the Hospital of our Lady of Guadalupe. The hospital was active during the Spanish Colonial Period from 1784 to 1821. Today, it displays medical tools and other information regarding hospitals from that era.