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Past Life Oracles Review

Past Life Oracles are designed to uncover the behaviour patterns in your previous life. 
Positive or Negative events can have a impact in our lives.
Obviously if we did not learn from our mistakes in our previous lives,  we will continue to come to this world until we learn from the mistakes. 
This is a 44 card deck. 

It comes with a box. 

The cards are very glossy.

It takes a little pressure to take the top of the box. 

It also comes with a guide book.

I use this deck for reading past lives and discovering who you were etc.

I also loved the image at the backs of this deck..
This  Oracle is  different from the other traditional Angel-Fairy Oracles it does not answer specific questions, it only answers questions about past life and past life related questions?

eg: What did I learned from my past life and what do I need to change in this life?

Here are some images from the deck and also you'll find the cards that does not make any sense to me in readings.

Past Life Oracles

Past Life Oracles Review

Past Life Oracles Review

Past Life Oracles Review

But there are some cards that makes no sense to me like Male-Female Card

Past Life Oracles Review


Past Life Oracles Review

Past Life Oracles Review
the cards above are some of the cards that does not make sense to me at all in a past-life reading. 

I do love this deck as I am seriously interested about finding out past lives. 

Well at least  on this case curiosity does not kill the cat.