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The Empress - Steampunk Tarot

Today is the perfect day to spend with you family, loved ones, friends, rebound with your loved ones .
If you have a girlfriend perfect day to propose 
You might help a friend to solve their problems (possibly psychological ones or things related to addictions)
Empress ruled by the Earth.
Empress is linked to mother nature.
So if you have got your own problems not know how to solve it, why not go out and spend some time in nature, I am sure you'll find a way of solving your problems after being with nature, feeling fresh and happy after rebonding with mother nature. 
You might friends and loved ones coming to you and asking for advice today.
As Empress is a giver, you are likely to receive some gifts. 
Mother nature might give you the news of a new baby if you do not have one or trying for one..
Excellent time to make new investments 
The Empress also represents Aphrodite, well known for her beauty

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
(the same is used on Golden Botticelli Tarot)

Empress also represents love, beauty, compassion. 
* The Card I used here is The Steampunk Tarot*