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Seven of Chives (Swords) - The Buckland Romani Tarot

Seven of Chives (Swords)
Today I used Buckland Romani Tarot Cards 
So Today's Card is Seven of Swords
To be able to successfull you need luck and skills.
Examine your tools that you need or you have just before you do a job or or making a step forward which will lead you to success.
Make sure that all the tools you need is in a good / nice / perfect position.
Practice your gifts / skills when you have free time. 
You can only reach the perfectionism by practicing / studying
Do not be obsessed with anything
Do your best and accept what you have and what you have been given.
Also you need to be ready the fact that someone might take your rewards from you. 
You can only go forward with taking the risks. 
At the end life is a gamble 
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