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3 of Cups - Golden Tarot of Klimt

Tarot of the Day for Monday 6th of June

It is the day for celebrations, happiness, victory.

It means you are finally going to celebrate your victory, collect all the seeds that you have harvested.

It means eg:if you have a court case you are waiting for resolution it will be resolved on your side.
Are you waiting for a promotion? Today you'll be promoted and you'll celebrate it.
Or even you'll celebrate birth of a child. 

You might have some good and private time with your loved one and finally celebrate the time that you are going to spend / spending without any interruptions, without anyone getting into your way. 

Someone will give you a hand and help you. 

You can spend some pleasant time with your family, with your friends, or even by yourself.

It is the end of a cycle of problems that's been caused by other ppl. 

Maybe you'll go into a group work at work or even go into business meeting whether it is a business meeting or a group work, everything will go positive

It is possible that you may attend to a party, maybe a wedding party, or bridal shower or even an engagement party, could be a graduation reunion. The options are endless. 

It will be a bright and sunny day for you

3 of Cups ruled by Mercury

If you are single you might meet that love you are looking for soon.

You might meet or came across with your ex love even reunite. 

Time to take care of  your health.

Don't forget to do smth to feed your spirit ? why not start doing some yoga or meditation if you are not already doing it?

Have a pleasant Monday, I'll see you tomorrow with Tuesday's card..  

* The Deck I used here is The Golden Tarot of Klimt by Lo  Scarabeo, Printed in Italy*