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2 of Pentacles - Tarot Lenormand

Officially We are in June and today's card is Two of Pentacles 
The Second day of another month.
Today is the time to put a simile on your face.
Your efforts, what ever you are putting in is balancing.
It also informs that solutions to your financial problems is just about to arrive or it has just arrived
Trust your instincts they will carry you to the right way. 
Think positive and don't think that all the good things happening to you is just a coincidence or an accident. 
Send positive energy to the universe so you can get that positive energy back 
Whether this card appears as PPF it is a struggle card
Two of Pentacle is also a partnership card. 
Two of pentacles is an endless struggle card.
At the end life is all about struggles
When it comes to love, it is a sign to many demands, whether this is from the family or from your partner but it is a sign of demands,
It is about do you want to be in this relationship or do you want to me in a relationship at all. 
Be little flexible, consider if that person is the one that you want to be with?
Or is this relationship getting your needs?
It also does not mean that you'll be all alone forever. 
Take care of your health, it  is a warning that you need to take things slowly. 
The deck I used here is Tarot Lenormand