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Queen of Wands - RWS Tarot

Today is the 3rd of June and today's card is Queen of Wands.
Today will be an upbeat day for you, You might get help from a friend a close friend, a woman who is middle aged possibly from a Leo Woman or you yourself is a Leo. ( a very fiery woman)

Stand up for yourself today, be passionate today.

If your personality card is Queen of Wands

It means you are an independent woman

Queen of Wands

MM is a good example of Queen of Wands Lady

You might be temperamental but if you have got issues to sort out today is the day.
You might be a very skilled person today is the day to focus on work/career

You might be a little stubborn today, it is one of traits of Queen of Wands

If you are single and looking for a new love, you might meet this person, possibly blonde. (blue or hazel eyes) you might have already meet that person. 

Be social today, go out, do some window shopping, have some wine or coffee outside..

Be out doors. 

Stay away from going into shops and trying to buy things, as Queen of Wands will awaken the sleeping devil inside you, and you might be cracking your bank account within seconds. 

You can ask advice / get advice from a blonde or light haired friend today.

If you are sick not only physically / spiritually / mentally  it is a sign that you a new way of healing is on its way to you. 

Eg: If you are heartbroken, you might meet someone who will wound your wounds.

If you have got any other health problems means a new way of treating your health issues is possible.

Invest your money, save it, Queen of  W likes to be comfy.

There might be ppl in our life who can be manipulative or controlling, or you've  got too many people demanding atm.

Create some space and freedom for yourself.

Ruling planet is MARS