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Oracle De La Triad - Racine

Oracle De La Triad
Oracle De La Triad 
Today I decided to go with Oracle De La Triad

There is a question of friendship or family. The consultants friends and family can help him. Projects can be established either with friends or family members. In love, watch it as it may be only the pure and simple friendship, nothing more. From a physical point of view Brother symbolizes the intestines and stomach. Brother is the November or February.

A person who is seeking for pure love. A  person who is an excellent communicator.

A a child like adult, an adult who has the spirit of a child, an adult who can not accept aging.

Aesthetics are important for this person, the way s/he looks etc etc. 

This person does not give importance to money. 


The family is put in the spotlight. You may have get from the family,or you'll turn to others that will help.  From a physical point of view the Roots symbolizes the bones, joints or neck. So becareful to your neck and bones, RACINE is the month of June

 A past relationship is still important, an ex love, Feelings are direct and simple, but there is still love in between


It's related with death and rebirth.
Someone dying and soon after there is a birth in the family. 
Your lifestyle, your wishes and your spirituality will improve
You are an emotional person, you have almost child like innocence. you are  quiet, calm  but can be temperament, you are a trusted caring person.

Your financial situation is OK, you have got money enough for yourself. 
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