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Psycards The Wheel

Card of The Day : Psycards
Today I am introducing you to the Psycards,  They are different comparing to tarots. I am categorising this deck as an oracle deck.
Upright & reversed cards have the same meanings so do not worry about the reversed cards in the reading
We have the wheel, the home and the body
So from this what do we get, let's start 
The Wheel 
Yes there is a prize is waiting you, but it might not be something that you were hoping, it might not be the prize you are expecting.
Do not set your standards too high, to avoid disappointments
Remain focused on your path and ignore the negativity of those around you. 

. There are cycles everywhere in life and in nature

Do not forget after summer comes winter, 

Free yourself

Reconnect with your own cycle 
The Home
Do not cut yourself back from the outside world, do not jail yourself to your room  or to your home. Reconnect with the simple things that makes you happy.
The Home also represents family, roots, genes
Are you proud of your roots your genes? 
Maybe you need to disentangle from things that is holding you back.
The Body
Do you listen to your body?Are you in sync with your body? The body is also the link between heaven and earth. Are you are putting too much emphasis your spiritual growth but neglecting the basic needs of your own earthly nature? 
Try to have a balanced lifestyle