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Rune Casting : Witches Runes

Rune Casting : Witches Runes
3- Sun
4- rings 
 Waves ruled by Neptune therefore it is Pisces in the Zodiac  
Crossroads ruled by Saturn  it is Capricorn in the Zodiac
Sun is ruled by the Sun, Leo in the Zodiac 
Waves is the element of sacrifice and guilt.
You are not willing to give a decision or make a commitment
You might be facing a turbulence
It is foreshadowing great physic or artistic development.
Crossroads are generally considered evil omen by the gypsies, but when it appears in a reading it is not that bad. It is a sign of change, choosing a way, one direction or the other one. 
Many of your efforts stopped or frozen and it will be impossible for you to move forward until such time.
You may feel trapped.
There will be delays.
When your dream becomes a part of you, that time universe can respond to your wishes and hopes. 
Sun is generally healing, luck.
Your misfortune is going to turn back
You are going to break the darkness, dark clouds surrounding you
something value is coming to your way 
Rings can mean union, a child birth, marriage.
It indicates joint efforts
look for important gatherings such as important letters, court proceedings, or facing an enemy straight up direct.