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The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards - Tarot of The Gnomes

Card Reading for 18.07.2017

Today is the first working day, after long Easter Holiday for this reason I decided use another deck that has more positive images on the deck. It looks like a childish deck but don't be fooled by the looks please

So here we go.  

We have Gimlar - Empress
La Lite- 10 Wands
IL Risparmio- 3 Pentacles
Magical Map Shifter

Let's start with Gimlar- Empress

Empress is the Queen Mother that we all have / had,  a powerful figure, could be mother, elder sister, aunt, grandma, boss etc

It's a great time to make investments, buying / selling property, putting some money into bank.

Empress is asking you to be more disciplined

It's a perfect time to be more creative, working on projects that you want to do.

Empress bring prosperity,

If you want to have a baby, it's time perfect time to start trying for a baby.

During this time listen to your inner voice closely. 

10 of Wands 

Wands are represented by fire, and Aries is the astrological reference. 

Your relationship is going through a hard time, it's a difficult time for you, emotionally & physically, you are carrying that burden all along on your back. 

Financially expect the best plan for the worst.

You are trying to do too much at a time.

You need to calm down and avoid stress, try it to avoid it as much as possible because some hard days are waiting you. 

 3 Of Pentacles

You are playing a dangerous game.

You need to plan and work on it.

Study, basically do your homework well before making any moves.

Save while you can.

Put your abilities into good work.

You'll be collecting your rewards of hard work.

Magical Map Shifter: “Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny”

“When the Magical Map Shifter card arrives, it comes with a mission – to make you aware of the people who come into your life to impact your personal growth. Perhaps you may meet a soul mate whose presence invites you to be the best ‘you’ that you can be, or someone who leads you out of difficulty ad into a place of safety or success.

Pay attention to those individuals who cross your path today and cause you to reflect on your journey. Be awake and aware, and you will recognize them for the important change agents they are. Your whole perspective about who you are and why you are here will shift. The Magical Map Shifter always initiates you into a better version of yourself.”

Magical Map Shifter as Challenger: “As Challenger, this card may bring you the opposite of what you seek. Perhaps you are in denial about your situation and refuse to see the truth. Or maybe you have been traveling down a path that has constantly led you to a field of poppies, where you fall asleep and dream of desires that never find their form. To have the life you really want, you must match its vibrational energy and resonate with it. Sometimes our greatest hurts and disappointments are what awaken us to our need to shift to a higher frequency.

If your heart aches because someone is breaking it, this discomfort will lead you to a more authentic life. Do not linger in the pain, or blame the Magical Map Shifter for alerting you to the illusion you clung to. Know that treasure lies elsewhere and can be recovered once you have healed the wound that is reflected in those who come to you as catalysts for growth. As you experience yourself transforming into the highest version of yourself, you will come to understand that you are always fortunate when you meet up with a Magical Map Shifter.”*


In short words the cards are warning that you might have a little arguments with your with a powerful women, it can be your mother, about money matters, maybe your are over spending and not being careful on your savings, ( umm this also includes me that I have purchased a bunch of decks that was on my list forever now I got 5-6 on my list that'll be coming out until December, If I have money I'll buy those if I don't I can't, because I'm one those who needs Tarot AA)

The Decks I have used in this reading

The Enchanted Map Oracle 

Tarot of the Gnomes