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Paxton Manor

Leesburg, Virginia. 1872.
In terms of history, the house is built in an area which has experienced plenty of supernatural activity and warfare. Leesburg’s earliest occupants include the Algonquian Indians, who believed in the afterlife and practiced shamanic rituals. 

Perhaps their efforts to reconnect with the deceased are what have left portals to the hereafter still open. Two other tribes, the Catawba and the Lenape, frequently butted heads, and had a particularly bloody battle right by Leesburg. You can imagine that the spirits of these warring warriors have been unhappily disturbed by the influx of present day tourists.

Leesburg’s colonial era is also marked by much black magic and bloodshed. Though Virginia was not as eager as Massachusetts to prosecute those accused of witchcraft, it too had its fair share of trials. You can be sure that the spirits of the wrongly convicted have yet to move on from the area. Ghosts of dead soldiers are also believed to be a chief source of Leesburg’s paranormal activity. In fact, the famous Civil War Battle, the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, occurred right by this estate

. It is said that the Paxton House is also haunted by traumatized troops who may have sought refuge in the building.

So between the unsettled Indians, the bloody battles, and the witch trials, you can only imagine what energy this house experiences...
Room anyone?