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Romantic Tarot - The Tower - 10 Swords - The Moon

I had a client who asked me for a Romance reading, for this reading , we have done few other readings about her situation with using few other different decks.

I have asked her permission to share this reading here on the blog

The upcoming few posts will be an example when you ask the same question to different reading systems.

So her question was she is registered to an online marriage site & he send her a wink-like, she wanted to if he's going to contact her..

Here we have 

The Tower 
10 Swords
The Moon 

The Tower

Quarant wants to hear from this person, which is turning into desperation. She feels like her world is turning upside down when there's no news from the gentleman she wants to hear from. 

Also Tower indicates that this guy is no different from the previous candidates.

Tower also tells us that this lady is a bit insecure about herself 

The Tower cards represents a total chaos 
She needs to reevaluate what she wants in a relationship

For sure Tower brings changes, but while it's destroying one it's strengthening the other thing in your life, so it's 50% 50%..   Balanced, it tells us we can't always win or lose. 

I see it dark clouds in a relationship.  Possible break up or not even being gf & bf. 

She expects to hear from this guy in time, but I don't see this happening. 

10 of Swords

Betrayal ....

She feels like she's been betrayed, the reason she joined the site to find a husband, as it's not a dating site, it takes things more seriously, this guy send her a wink and a like, this means he's seriously interested and thinking of meeting her.  

 She feels she's been backstabbed.   That was not what she was expecting when she joined the site.

She feels like she's a victim of fraud, not expecting this.

She doesn't want to accept that the guy is not really interested in her

As she asked about a potential lover,  Ten of Swords indicates that is not gonna happen.

The Moon

She doesn't want to accept that it was a mixed signal, (maybe that person accidentally send the wink, while looking at profiles) it was not the other party's fault, it was a bit her fault to wait for a mail  message, from a person who just send her a wink, like.

It's a bit cruel but basically cards are telling her to get a life

get a hobby,  follow something, join into groups. etc etc

 She has too much time for boredom.

Also moon conceals things, conceals how we see things, conceals  our emotions. Something had concealed this lady's vision that she can't think straight.

She made assumptions and now she's upset because the candidate didn't respond to her.

She was not happy with the answer she got, so we have done 3 more readings with using other decks. I will be posting that as well.. please bare with me. Stay tuned.

I will write a review on this deck so please keep visiting the site.

The Deck I used for this reading is The Romantic Tarot 

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