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Les Vampires Oracle

 Les Vampires Oracle
 Les Vampires Oracle 

Death Rites 

I was surprised with the Death Rites, as for the last couple of weeks almost every week I keep on dreaming about Grim Reapers. 

Saying goodbye, Formal occasion, Honouring lives.

Honoring the ones who we have loved and who have left can be a beautiful way to come to terms with their absence, and a way to help their soul make the transition to their New Life Beyond the Veil. Evidence of Life Beyond Death. Feeling the dentist final, and losing hope in the purpose of life Trapped By Greif are feelings we should avoid. It is time to work with any fear you may have around death and dying, and transform this thought preparation, contemplation of your legacy, and considering the interactions you have with deceased loved one

After I loss my dad last year, I started have thanatophobia ( death anxiety)

so this card is basically telling me to overcome my fear. 


Misfit, Loner, Wanderer

This deck is tells it's an opportunity and I need to use this as an opportunity

 It shows a solitary, alternatively dressed vampire girl with a glass ball sitting being watched from a distance by two dragons, with a lightening storm going on overhead.

This card is about accepting and embracing, if possible, our uniqueness. Many of us feel as though we don't really fit in with what's expected. We've rejected to some degree the “norm” that society projects and expects us to follow, we do our own thing, follow our own paths in religion, fashion or career, and so think we should be happy and fulfilled, but many of us still feel lost or disorientated still. We often feel as though we're on the edges looking in on everyone else. 

We don't want to be sheep and follow the crowd, or be glued to mindless tv, but by separating ourselves in this way we find ourselves with new issues to overcome. We may have less support, less friends or find ourselves being ridiculed at best or attacked at worst, yet we carry on in the same way, as we feel it's more important to be true to ourselves than to conform to the norm. 

We all vary in this aspect; some of us are more “open” or “out” than others, but even being a little bit different can bring it's problems. The message from this card is to see this as an opportunity to find our own way and to see the world from our own unique way, and to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way because of our different perspectives. We're different, but that's ok. This is our path, our way, and we in time we'll find others who share our beliefs and ideas.


Inspiration, Epiphany, Innovation.

Need to listen to my instincts a little more.

The Vampire in this card looks as though she is yearning for something, looking out for something she feels she hasn't got yet, whether that be something physical, or a concept or idea. She's not satisfied yet, and may feel frustrated that it seems be eluding her, it's out of her reach.

This card reminds us to sit quietly and try to work things out for ourselves. "Listen" to the messages that come to us, be they actual messages on paper or from a person, or the more subtle ones we see in our everyday lives, the co-incidences, the synchronicities, pointing us in a certain direction, or reminding us of something we may have forgotten. A repeating number, a certain animal or bird that you keep seeing, a symbol or shape you see everywhere you go. These are being sent to help you, to inspire you and to help you get to the place you want to be, to be the person you want to be. Take note of them, research their meanings, see how they apply to you, your life and the questions you are trying to answer.

Look at things in a different way, listen to your gut feelings, your inner feelings or instincts. It won't be long until things start to make sense and begin to "click" into place. You have to be open to new ideas and new ways of understanding and seeing things for these new insights to inspire and motivate you. Then, armed with this new information, you will be in a position to make valued judgements about what to do next.

The message here is not to give up. Listen to your dreams, then look for ways of how to fulfil them. Open your mind to new possibilities and ways forward. There are no limits on your imagination, your hopes and dreams. Now you just need to work out how to make them reality.

Les Vampires Oracle