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Animal Spirit Guide - Wild Horse

Animal SPirit Guide Wild HOrse


Speak your fashion aloud, 
And Defend those whom you love in word and in deed

Fabulous winged Pegasus returned to earth, us the epitome of male sexual energy and of the soaring spirit which dance sets of free 

His Passions & intentions towards his mares are openly declared, his defence of them vigorous. Strong at heart, Horse knows no fear of others, or of rejection. Like Horse, defend robustly those whom you love from those who would hurt or belittle them, and let them know of your feelings with ardent speech- for Horse that knows that cupid favours the brave 

Know that you have the power to change anything and everything you choose in your life. Understand that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used for your own benefit and for those around you. This understanding comes only when man and beast enter a silent contract – acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other.

Alternatively you are being asked to understand that true power is wisdom found in remembering your journey as a whole. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to power.

You are also reminded that all pathways have equal validity. Understanding this will give you insight into the power and the glory of a unified family and humanity. Understand that every human being must follow a pathway to empowerment before galloping upon the wings of destiny.

Card Reading for 15/05/2017
Animal SPirit Guide Wild Horse

Horses are symbols of freedom. This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power. Horse people are usually friendly and adventurous. If you have a Horse totem, you must ask yourself: “Am I feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?” Horse will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.

Horse spirit animals are likely to represent your inner strength and driving force in life. A typical symbolism for the horse is one of an animal representing physical strength, vitality, but also our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life.

Depending on what this spirit animal means to you, it could symbolize your ability to overcome obstacles in life and pursue your goal no matter what may stand on your way.

"Our grandkids will lead the lives of the gods of mythology. Zeus could think and move objects around. We'll have that power. Venus had a perfect, timeless body. We'll have that, too. Pegasus was a flying horse. We'll be able to modify life in the future. Michio Kaku"