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Witches Wisdom - Beltane - Fertility

Witches Wisdom - Beltane - Fertility
Witches Wisdom - Beltane - Fertility
The God sows deep his natural seed,

Impregnates goddess. Natures need,

And from this union will come birth

Yours to share across this Earth

This magic has worked, with harm to none

So mote it be, There, it's done 

All the seeds you have planted now turned into flowers. 

All your efforts are giving its results. 

Witches Wisdom - Beltane - Fertility
Witches Wisdom - Beltane - Fertility

This is a time for new projects 

You can't get anything without putting any effort into things. 

To able achieve things you need to work hard and show some effort. 

You need to be optimistic, determined. 

Don't give up on things because you think they don't work.

Remmeber easy comes, easy goes. 

Imagine that you have a farm and you planted some seeds to your farm, it'll take a while that seed to turn into a flower.

Sometimes if your land is not fertile, has a bad soil or your seeds are bad, you can't collect anything. 

But with being determined, by not giving up.

You are collecting the flowers of your seeds,

You have worked hard and finally getting the results of your hard work  

If you want your relationship to work you need make some efforts, you both need to sacrifice, 

You need to accept your gifts and work on them. 

If you take the appropriate action you'll reach your goals

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Witches Wisdom

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