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9 of Chalices - The Green Witch Tarot

9 of Chalices - The Green Witch Tarot
9 of Chalices - The Green Witch Tarot

9C is known as a wish card.

It tells us that finally you'll collect the fruits of your hard work.

You have entered to a lucky period of time

It'll be a very fruitful day, you'll be collection the fruits you've planted.

It'll be a powerful day, a day that you can be fully happy

Your dreams are coming true

9C reminds you be careful what you wish for,

This is a good card for your love life. Your day might be sweeter than ever if you are in a relationship

Finally your finances are getting better, as King of Pentacles told us y'sterday

If you are single it's a potential day to meet your other half

Your health issues should better now.

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The Green Witch 

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