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The House That Can’t Rest Until It Takes A Life

There's a belief that each house / home have its own soul, that carrier the memories of all how have lived and visited there.

Some homes are much inviting comparing to others, some homes makes you feel welcomed,  some makes you run as soon as you stepped in..

But this person who told this story wouldn't put his step on the property of his relatives house even if you paid him.

Sometimes in 50's 60's family had gathered at their parents home after the sudden death in the family, and there's another death in the very same house another family member has passed away days before the mother of the house, as soon as he entered the house, he had a heart attack and passed suddenly.

After that there is another gathering, meeting with the family in the very same house.

During the gathering one of the brothers of this deceased guy, puts his hands to his chest like his having a heart attack, but he's known with his humour side, so everyone thought he's joking but he was not!!

So that cousin also passed away in the same house, like his brother & mother within weeks.

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