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Off With His Head!!

An Arthurian Legend

King Arthur had extra ordinary adventures, This story is a bit more over the top. 

An unknown origin of a Welsh tale,  King Arthur take his wife into his arms, snuggled and gave her a very passionate kiss. during a feast.

 His wife Guinevere got embarrassed  and got angry of this public attention, he accessed him of not knowing anything about women.

Well after this King Arthur said he's not going to eat anything until he discovered the nature of women

SO he got this two knights and went out to search for answers.

His first stop was King Gorgol, a King known for his wisdom.

King Gorgol asked him to sit down and assured him that he'd explain everything about women the next day.

The next day, he send King Arthur to his brother, the other brother did the same thing send him to the other brother and on and on.

Arthur refused to eat until he has been told about women

So Gorglon told him the story of a king who had a special tree if the tree was cut, he used to strike to King, he would turn into werewolf

The King was guarding the tree and the secret of the tree, until his wife got him to reveal his weakness.

Just like Delilah, the Queen was unfaithful. She was having an affair with their steward and used the sapling to turn the king into a wolf.

She had forgotten the spell that gave the thoughts that he's a werewolf.

The King ran off to the woods and started killing his wife's relatives.

.He has been forced to flee by the hunters.

He came to the land of a good and wise king and threw himself at his feet. The king, sensing something peculiar about the wolf, kept him as a pet.

The King also had an unfaithful wife,

After the wolf-king learned about the Queens infidelity, he beat up the steward that the Queen was having an affair with.

The Queen hid her son in the basement and told her husband that the steward got injured while trying to protect the son from the were wolf.

So the werewolf proved to this master that the Queen was lying, and the steward confessed..

. The queen, however, hid her son in the basement and told her husband that the steward had been injured trying to protect their son from the wolf. Having the mind of a man, the wolf-king just led his master to the child to prove that she was lying.

He was excoriate alive and the queen was quartered—roped to four separate horses and torn apart when they ran in opposite directions.

In the middle of all this,  The King realised the wolf was really a man. 

He allowed the transformed King to get his Kingdom back,  he tortured the Queen until
she revealed the secret of how to turn his wolf back into a man.

The king had his wife’s lover executed but let his wife live on the condition that she carried the bloody, decapitated head of her lover on a platter wherever she went.

At the end of the tale Arthur learned that Gorlagon was the king in the story

Arthur sit down and ate, considering what he had learned about women from the tale. Unfortunately, the legend doesn’t tell us what he got out of it.

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