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4 of Wands - Tarot of The 78 Doors

4 of Wands - Tarot of The 78 Doors
4 of Wands - Tarot of The 78 Doors 

The 4 of Wands tells us that you may be attending a social gathering and you'll be enjoying more than you'd think of.

Although like everyone you also deserve some fun, you deserve to treat yourself but it's not a time to have a full rest and fun..

This card sometimes might mean a possible relocation, moving a house.

Things should be going well on your job / work wise. Yeah you had success & fun.

But you need to continue working hard not fall, you need to hold that success

So don't take things for granted.

People will slowly recognising / will recognise your success.

You are reflecting on your accomplishments.

You have just opened your self to new possibilities and you let go of the things limiting yourself.

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Tarot of the 78 Doors

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