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The Lovers Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

The Lovers Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot
The Lovers Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

You have two paths, It's time for a choice, the outcome will be important.

You are resisting to change, you need to make firm decisions, after that you no longer need to resist. 

But before giving firm decisions ask yourself is this really what you want? 

You need to seek spiritual values, and chose your path carefully. 

You can lose everything you have at the end. 

So yes it's a dilemma.   "All or Nothing."

You need to keep the faith, you may be a mentor or leader that helps others to find their path spiritually or you just met someone to help you pm your journey. 

Question everything don't just blindly believe and follow, listen to your heart, listen to your instincts, inner voice and use your logic before giving an important decision. 

When there's Strong opposition and there's a great pressure it'll cause concerns
You may lose all in the end.

The Lovers is not only about choice in love.  It's about choices and changes.

You need to make a choice and face the result, whether positive or negative.

The choice you might have to face could be love or virtue, ambition or love. etc. 

But you must give the decision and face the consequences.   

THE LOVERS indicates there'll a be relationship and possibly a marriage by choice

Lovers also mean harmony, and perfection in a relationship. 

Lovers give confidence to the other half., their bond is strong.
Lovers trust each other, together they are strong 

The Lovers is also about your beliefs systems.

The Lovers Tarot card is associated with Gemini, a sucker for romance, but Geminis are also yin / yang - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

You may have two opposing feeling about your relationship, your heart might be saying something, your mind / logic might be saying something else 

You can chose which ever path you want within the moral rules of the universe

If you are single you may except to meet someone new., or you'll just reconcile with your old flame

Don't lose the track and don't over spend. 

Don't ignore your health, seek help whether it's a healer, witch doctor or a traditional one but get some help.  

Indecision is not your friend;

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Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

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