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The World - Tarot of The 1001 Nights

The World - Tarot of The 1001 Nights
The World - Tarot of The 1001 Nights 

The World symbolises your inner & outer world,  Unity.... 

It's about individual recognition, enlightenment.  

You need to connect your inner self .

The World tells you that you'll reach what you are trying to achieve. 

Your efforts are starting to pay off.

It tells you that you have completed a milestone in your life. 

You have completed a long term project.  

It may mean a baby, marriage, engagement, graduation  

The World is also telling you no matter what don't give up. 

You need time to relax and rest. 

The World is also telling us that you have been working hard for a little money

Go out for a short trip, you might meet new people..

Your love life will going to be better. 

If your health is not good, try Eastern Medicine as well Western Medicine. 

Always consult a second doctor for your diagnosis

For the last couple of days the cards have been telling you that you need to tighten your budget now you can have a bit more extra money for yourself. 

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Tarot of The 1001 Nights 

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