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Hagall - Runes of The Northern Light

Hagall - Runes of The Northern Light
Hagall - Runes of The Northern Light 

Hope you had a delightful Xmas.

Actually I have pulled this card for Christmas Day but I didn't want to ruin people's Xmas with bad news., So I decided to use this card for today and I draw The Snow Moon from the Queen Of The Moon Oracle

Wish I have some good news for you but Hagall is a warning card.

This card is warning you about a big storm coming. It's a warning about an upcoming disruption, and it'll be a major disruption

You are on a slippery ground, if you are not careful, you'll be hurt.

This card is also transformation card

Unfortunately for whatever is coming it's out of your control.

I hate to be pessimistic but there's nothing absolutely nothing positive about this card, it's more or less equals to the Tower Card in Tarot

This card may indicate a dark witchcraft, maybe you are playing with dark waters, or someone who plays with dark waters is casting spells on you..

The spell might be cast for your past to come and chase you.

Maybe the mistakes you have done, or the things you want to  it to be hidden will be coming out.

It's more like a judgement day..


You'll be disappointed for the things that'll come out, but this will be a realisation for you that the path you are taking is not the right one.

Disappointment is a necessary in achieving change.

You need to refocus, retask your energies. You need to understand that this negative event will happen for a reason, and it is important not to let history repeat itself.

An opportunity will come, this procedure may be painful, but ultimately it will prove beneficial.

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Runes of The Northern Lights

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