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Snow Moon - Queen Of The Moon Oracle

Snow Moon - Queen Of The Moon Oracle
Snow Moon - Queen Of The Moon Oracle 

Look for the simplest & the cleanest solution

Understand your motives for doing what you are doing

Be as clear as possible in your communication

I know why I do what I do !

Snow Moon - Queen Of The Moon Oracle
Snow Moon - Queen Of The Moon Oracle 
It may sound like Purity loaded with moral quality.

In a way being pure, purity is connected to morals and being moral.

Most people think it's connected to religious beliefs

It has nothing to do with being a virgin or living the life of a nun..

You can have a pure heart.

Nature, nature is pure

Spring waters from the mountains, pure and clean
Organic vegetables, fruits All are pure & clean.

Being pure means being clean & free from harmful substances eg if you are not doing drugs or taking  / using illegal substances, you are pure, as you are free from harmful substances.

But for me being pure means not having a bad heart, I am not telling you being pure means or equals to Pollyanna. 

Not at all, for me not thinking of bad about people, not having bad intension when doing things.

For me children are pure, they are innocent ,free from bad thoughts, bad intensions.

Yeah I know kids like Damien from the movie Omen exists, but they are just very extremely rare

I mean Damien was born on the sixth day of June at six o'clock in the morning.

Although Damien was a fictional character but I do wonder if there's anyone who has a name that sounds like Daemon and born on the 6th day of the 6th month and 6am.

What are the chances? or truly someone who has evil personality..

Need to ask tarots :)

You can be pure by using a decent language free from swearing no f*** off''s no f*** sake's.. 

Your mind, your thoughts, your tongue (language) your behaviours can make you pure..

If you use a precise language, there'll be less misunderstandings.

Keep your intensions pure., free from bad thoughts, revenge, jealousy..

Merry Xmas to you all.

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Queen of The Moon Oracle

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