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Miracle- Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Hope - Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Miracle- Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Sun Sparkler

Integrity is what turns on the light

Do you try to help when someone you know is in pain, suffering, need a hand? or do you completely ignore?

Ignoring someone you know when you know that s/he is suffering won't bring light into your life?

But when you give a hand offer and help, just be there for that person when that person most needs help will create a miracle, you don't have to help that person financially but if you give emotional support

If you want to bring light into others life, would you consider doing a volunteering for a charity maybe for the homeless shelter or visiting elderly in care homes, and we are at Christmas and New Year season, during these seasons people need someone to talk to someone to share?

Maybe you can just have a cup of tea & coffee with them...

Maybe you can spare a couple of hours and spent time with people in need...

You'll be their hope and light at the end of the tunnel... 

Remember sharing is caring

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Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year..

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