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10 of Cups - Celtic Dragon Tarot

10 of Cups - Celtic Dragon Tarot
10 of Cups - Celtic Dragon Tarot 

10C is trying to tell us that you are having happy moments at this time, happy family life

10C is about celebrations, happy times, happy event, marriages, unions.

10 of Cups - Celtic Dragon Tarot
10 of Cups - Celtic Dragon Tarot 

    You might feel like you are hypnotised these days, it is the happiness is making you to feel like hypnotised

Basically it is a good day for having fun, enjoying your time with your loved ones, friends and family

   If you are single but having a partner it symbolizes a possible marriage
If you are single, it is a sign that a new love is just around the corner                                      
Do not worry about your health atm, it will ok, as long as you have a happy mind, your health will be fine
Also do not have that much ultra high egos when it comes to your work, your job, do not think that you are irreplaceable, everyone is replaceable, make your steps according to this
Try not to worry about finances too much, the money will come as soon as you stop worrying too much about it

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Celtic Dragon Tarot 

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