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The Hierophant - Smith Waite Centennial Tarot

The Hierophant - Smith Waite Centennial Tarot
The Hierophant - Smith Waite Centennial Tarot 

Funny enough The Hierophant is my birth card, I like doing things according to the book..

I should have drawn this card on my birthday lol. 

I'll start predictive programing on my tarots to pull "The Hierophant" on my birthday for change, so next year we'll see 🤞

I'm very old fashioned in some ways.

"Hierophant is about doing the right thing"

The Hierophant - Smith Waite Centennial Tarot
The Hierophant - Smith Waite Centennial Tarot 

It's time to spend some time alone, and be with your own demons.

If you have fallen out with some people don't turn your back to them completely, just give some time, see how things are gonna work out. (this is a message for me, as I like burning the bridges completely)

Learning the traditional ways of doing things can sometimes be very effective. 

Other times, though, we need to break out of the box and consider new and creative modes of accomplishing our goals. 

Discussing various methods—old and new—with those you trust can help you know which philosophy to follow at any given time.

If your goals are meeting with resistance, it may be due to the method you are using to attain them, rather than a flaw in your actual plans. 

It’s important to always stay on a path of integrity in every aspect of life. 
The Law of Attraction rewards those who follow their dreams while remaining honest and true in dealing with others. 

 Doing the right thing for the right reason. Remaining true to your principles. 

Being a spiritual teacher to others and/or consulting one for guidance. 

Respecting your elders or the past. The power of prayer.

You have / may have been gone through a difficult time and you end up being lonely and isolated, you might have isolated yourself from people.

Hierophant asks you to seek for knowledge, 

"you are not an animal to act with your instincts, knowledge is the key to success"

Put a balance in between yourself and your everyday life, imagine a door in between your private life and everyday life (school-business etc) so when you open that door and enter to your private life leave your everyday life behind that door or vice versa.

Put some space in between..

If you are seeking for happiness, you need to free yourself

Spend some time alone do your mediations and yogas.

I've noticed I've not use this deck this deck very often, I guess with all the decks I have It just doesn't make its turn so often

The Deck Used Here 

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot

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