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Fire - The Secret Language of Animals

Fire - The Secret Language of Animals
Fire - The Secret Language of Animals 

To ancient philosophers Fire was a sign of energy and passion. According to Celts, Fire was a source of transformation. In Ancient Chinese Culture, Fire bring masculine energy of Yang and the power of purification 

To Aztecs fire is found in the seven ray sun. that symbolises the spiritual development in the soul of man.

To many native culture, Fire is the sacred medium through which our deepest prayers and intentions are communicated to the Universe.

With Sacred Herbs offered to the embers, dreams, and visions are sent to Great Spirit within spirals of rising smoke, opening the way of manifestation in physical form.

In Nature fire stimulates growth and brings, renewal and balance. 

At times firs burns away and destroys the old, cleansing and purifying the land for new growth.

Different to downward gravitational flow of water.  

Fire energy rises moving ever upward.

From the center of earth, up through the mouths of volcanoes.

Fire brings the energy of creation, giving birth to mountains, islands, and earth of tomorrow.

Fire - The Secret Language of Animals
Fire - The Secret Language of Animals 

When fire comes into your world it does so with pure energy, passion and the sacred power of creativity. 

No matter what you feel may have held you back in the past, fire now comes to burn any limitation and awake in the full expression of your creative potential. 

Fire brings fresh light, forward movement, and dynamic expression... 

Now is the time to move!

 if you are not sure which way to move or how to begin a new dream or journey, take time to sit with fire. 

Light a candle or a sacred flame in a circle of stones. 

Bring to it your prayers, your vision and even your uncertainty. 

You may even like to bring an offering of sacred herbs or tobacco... 

Release your intentions to the higher powers of your great spirit within. 

Open yourself to receive guidance for what is now needed to create the real shifts you desire. 

Allow the clarity of fire to speak to your heart and to center your being. From this place you will step forward with clarity and confidence, with faith and power, and the direction of your dream. 

We can wait all day, or life, for the conditions to be right before we begin, but in truth, it is often our beginning that calls the right conditions into being. 
From this place you'll step forward with clarity and confidance, with faith and power in the direction of your dream 

We can wait all day or all life for the conditions to be right before we begin, but in truth it's often our begining that calls the right conditions into being.

What if you knew that the light on the path you have been waiting for is the one that is already glowing deep within you? 

With fire comes decisiveness, determination and the will to initiate, to ignite, to light a new spark of possibility... and follow it! Claim these gifts for your journey now. 

Clear the clutter and space around you to give yourself a chance to see and seize a New path of life force, new energy, new visions and dreams that are ready to come through you now. 

Get excited. Be bold and expressive. 

Feel the breath of God moving through you. It is time to honor the great creative being that you are by moving into courageous action. 

Trust the visions of your dreaming and with passion and fire... begin.

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The Secret Language of Animals

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