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Wunjo - Rune Oracles

Wunjo - Rune Oracles

Wunjo - Rune Oracles

“Won-joe” – “Joy”

Hope, Harmony, Perfection

Wunjo is aligned with the earth; Wunjo’s message are solid.

Successes, you have achieved or will achieve your goals. Success and achievement of a goal.

Wunjo - Rune Oracles

Wunjo - Rune Oracles 

 Maybe you'll meet the person and start a relationship with the person you desire... 

 Your dreams will be fulfilled Wunjo is a rune of great happiness and deserved celebration. 

Wunjo may also indicate a conflict that has not yet occurred, but ultimately the result will be fine. 

You will experience happiness if you work for it. Happiness needs to found on honesty and truth..

If you hide the truth you'll be far from your happiness.

You need to be honest.

Wunjo is the rune of joy, ecstasy (Wodan is etymologically the god of ecstasy). You need to mediate to Wunjo as we live in the world of negativity, everything and everywhere is filled with negativity, negative news on tv's, movies are all are depressing. 

This is not good for our inner harmony If Wunjo is your card it means you have a child like personality, you don't like to be responsible, you only want joy. Wunjo is the child sleeping inside you, and with Wunjo you can waken up that chid sleeping.. Look for harmony and balance and always look for solutions instead of living with problems.

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