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Queen of Wands - Tarot Wonderland

Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland
Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland

Queen of Wands - Lady of Fire
Another Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius woman

Very fiery, very passionate, very determined to achieve what they want to achieve.

Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland
Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland

Queen of Wand is a self centered person

Queen of wands can achieve things without hard work in a small amount of time
They may have positive & uplifting energy 

QW tells us that you have achieved loads of things in short time

You'll have new achievements and it looks pretty bright. 

You can now clearly see your achievements and you can appreciate those tribulations.

Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland
Queen Of Wands - Tarot Wonderland

You'll now have more confidence and you can believe to yourself. 

Show gratitude to those who were with you on this journey.

Don't have extra spending spree because QW appeared in your reading, you might regret it later on
QW is inside you, only you but nobody but other than yourself can activate QW by pushing the right button.
You can work out slowly to achieve the things you desire.

On this occasion QW is with you to help you to achieve these things. 

When QW appears on your reading it shows that you are quite ambitious & goal oriented. 

You do like to take revenge

You also love to explore and learn 

QW is a leader, she likes to be a leader, she enjoys being a leader and a bit dominating. 

Let your mental perception as well as your intuitions in this journey. 

Be patient, practice, practice and practice, negativity doesn't worth your time

If you are looking for job, don't worry you'll get a job soon. 

Be careful on your expenditures don't throw the money on useless items, 

If you have worries & anxieties get help from a friend who can give you positive advice

Queen of Wands is a Leo, nothing surprising here :) 
Leo women are always career & goal oriented. 
The Herb for Queen of Wands is Raspberry Leaf as seen on The Herbal Tarot
Raspberry Leaf-Queen Of Wands-Herbal Tarot
Deck Used Here

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