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5 of Pentacles - Tarot of The Gnomes

5 of Pentacles - Tarot of Gnomes
5 of Pentacles - Tarot of Gnomes 

Ambition, Goals, Inspiration

"If you want to make your dreams to come true, the first thing you need to do is to wake up"

The 5 of Pentacles does not carry good news. It's a card of sadness.

You don't feel secure, there are seen and unseen circumstances making you feel like that.

You need to secure what you have especially financially.

You are not in good terms with your loved ones, especially with your other half. 

5 of Pentacles - Tarot of Gnomes
5 of Pentacles - Tarot of The Gnomes 

One of the reasons you are in this state because you gave up on hope , you should have learnt from past experiences not to give up hope.

5 of Pentacles is also telling you to wake up from your beauty sleep, wake up and smell the coffee.

See the true colours of people you surround yourself with

You have lost your job or about to lose, you'll be going through a period of hardship.

You lack of what you need

Your health is not well, you have ill health recently. 

You feel exhausted, fatigue. 
You refuse to look after and take care of yourself. 

You don't only neglect your personal needs, you neglect self care, hygiene and your body  and its needs, you are abusing your body.

It looks or it feels like all the doors have been slammed  in your face
You are standing alone in this journey.   

You know sometimes you need to stand alone to learn from this journey   

It's something that you need to / needed to experience by yourself

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