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Ace of Mermaid - The Fairy Ring Oracle

Ace of Mermaid - The Fairy Ring Oracle
Ace of Mermaid - The Fairy Ring Oracle 

Mermaids are sea fairies,with the upper bodies of lovely woman, the tails of fish, though in early Celtic tales,they were simply sea dwelling maidens. 

Sometimes these exotic creatures come to the surface of the sea and sit on the rocks near the shore combing their beautiful hair, 

The mermaid is an enchantress, a seductive siren with a sweet voice, but her songs lure ships onto the rocky coasts of Scotland and Cornwall  

They take the souls of drowned sailors to the bottom of the sea by the mermaid where they keep them in lobster pots. 

Anyone who falls asleep on the beach is in danger of being taken by the mermaid to live with her in her underwater palace.
Ace of Mermaid - The Fairy Ring Oracle
Ace of Mermaid - The Fairy Ring Oracle 

The earliest stories of mermaids date from around 5000 B.C.E and sailors have been reporting sightings ever since. Alexander the Great captured two mermaids with skin as white as snow and hair that came down to their feet. 

Another mermaid was washed ashore in fifteenth-century Holland and became a maidservant. Belief in mermaids was still widespread in coastal areas of Britain in the nineteenth century, and as recently as 1947 an eighty-year-old fisherman from the Isle of Muck claimed he had seen a mermaid near the shore, combing her hair.

There are many tales of marriages between mermaids and human men.  Mermaids make good wives and caring mothers.

However, they are usually unwilling to leave their watery home, and men in love with mermaids have to resort to subterfuge. 

 If her magical cap, belt, or comb is hidden, she is unable to leave the land, but as soon as she finds it, she will return to the sea,leaving her husband and children without a second thought.

Mermaids may derive from such ancient goddesses as Aphrodite, who was born from the foam of the sea and ride to the shore in a seashell. In early astrology, her mirror was the emblem that represented the planet Venus

The Mermaid is most at home in the water, the element that symbolizes emotions and feelings.

When she appears upright in your spread, she heralds a time of great fulfillment and joy. 

This may be a time of creative inspiration when you create works of great truth and beauty.

The Mermaid may also be a harbinger of love, attraction, passion, and marriage, 

She emphasis the importance of female sensuality.

The mermaid is an elemental creature of water. In magic, water rules emotions, intuition,clairvoyant powers, instinct, and the subconscious. 

 Prepare an incense of water by jixing half a teaspoon daisy petals, a few drops of just nine oil, three teaspoons myrrh resin, two teaspoons willow wood, and one teaspoon white rose petals. 

Burn on a charcoal block. This incense attracts water elementals

.Say, "Ye creature of water, I implore you to come to me,and to aid me in my work."

Close your eyes and relax. imagine it is twilight on an autumn evening. 

You stand before a deep pool, and as you gaze into it, the water elemental rises from it. Take note of its appearance and tell it your name.

Ask for help with your emotions and your ability to love others and yourself. 

Imagine swimming freely in the warm ocean, supported, gently moving with the ebb and flow of the waves. 

Though the current affects you, altering your course, you don't care; you glory inits patterns and changes. 

Be aware of the ebb and flow of life, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. You see the patterns atwork in your own life. 

When you are ready to leave, thank the mermaid, and return yourself to waking consciousness 

.Like the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, the mermaid isconnected with love and the moon. 

Go to the sea and throw flowers into the waves to solicit her help. 

Wear shells or the image of a mermaid when you are trying to attract a lover.

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