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Angel of Reconciliation -- The Angel Oracle

Angel of Reconciliation -- Angel Oracle
Angel of Reconciliation -- Angel Oracle 

This angel is shown bolding a lily, which is here a symbol of reconciliation offering hope and solace to those in need.

 The Angel offers us the peace and wisdom we need for reconciliation. It brings the new dawn of awareness, when we start our lives afresh, living magically in the present moment. 

Angel of Reconciliation -- The Angel Oracle

Angel of Reconciliation -- The Angel Oracle 


Angel of the Heaven of Creation

ANGELIC FUNCTION To reconcile us to the Light 

GIFTS FOR EARTH It can help us to release painful traumas which distort our view of life;
 bring us more fully into the present flow of life; help us to open our hearts to the good/

    The Angel of Reconciliation offers us the opportunity to clear out the old and useless baggage of our past.

 By becoming reconciled with the past we release the sorrows, hurts and resentments which clog and congest our energy and burden us. 

We need our vitality to live in the present, not to submerge our life in old grudges

.Angel of Reconciliation works to help us integrate our past with our present reality. It helps us see spiritual truths, so that we can learn from our past. 

This way anything painful in our lives can be seen anew as a positive step for growth — even the most brutal experiences.angel is always easing the transition from the past into then present, offering us every opportunity to accept things as they are..

Whether it was something which we did to others or to ourselves or whether it was something which happened to us, this angel will help us reconcile our pasts. 

The process of letting go of the past helps us to redeem our spirit. It releases the energy we have invested in projecting our feelings on to past situations, people and events. 

When we are limited by sorrow, bereavement, grievances or bitterness we are actually destroying the vitality and enjoyment of the ever-present now.

 The past is a stepping-stone to wholeness if we choose to see it that way.We can offer our prayers to Angel of Reconciliation to help us accept the past as it was, and release our negative ideas about how it should have been. 

We can ask that the lessons of past experiences help us develop as healthy-minded adults who can step forward into the joy of the present. 

This will give us both pleasure and wisdom.We ask this angel to show us how to integrate our past into a living present, full of joy and fulfilment. 

We ask for guidance in letting go of the past and accepting that we can always make a fresh start.

Reconciliation is not about changing something which cannot be altered. 

Rather it is about transforming our view of how the past was,and how we can enhance and empower ourselves now by making positive choices for well-being.

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