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Ace of Cups - Da Vinci Tarot

Ace of Cups - Da  Vinci Tarot
 Ace of Cups - Da  Vinci Tarot


“The Ace of Cups brings the gift of love and key emotional events: fertility, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood;”

You are gaining spiritual insight and developing.

You feel bored and you feel like you need a change..

You feel low on your energy levels it's because of inactivity.

Allow your Inner Self to explore and find its purpose 
Just when you lost your hopes, someone will be helping you out.

Get rid of whatever the baggage you are carrying on your shoulders.  

It's time to start a new, a new chapter, a fresh start, give a chance to new beginnings.

Ace of Cups - Da  Vinci Tarot
Ace of Cups - Da  Vinci Tarot

Ace of Cups is a positive omen and It is about new beginnings.

You should be in a happy, loved and willing mode, as Ace of Cups is one of the positive cards. 

Try to meet up with friend or go make some new friends

You might receive some money as a gift. 

You need to balance things, you either too intense or nothing at all . .
You feel depressed and unwanted. 

Ace of Cups is also about connecting to the divine, mediate, relax.. Feel the support. The support will come from the other side. 

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