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Scolecite - Crystal Reading Cards

Scolecite - Crystal Reading Cards
Scolecite - Crystal Reading Cards

Crystal Colour : White 
 Related to : Crown Chakra 

 The Medicine of Scolecite is a powerful ally to assist in mastering the essence of inner peace. Scolecite is made up of tiny slothers of white hair like shards. 

Each shard acts like a laser beam of pure white light energy from the cosmos. Constantly channeling the love and peace from the Universe into everyone who finds her or his way into his field, it brings light of divine peace into the darkest depths of your being Illuminating and purifying the soul and offering the medicine of inner peace. 

Scolecite - Crystal Reading Cards
Scolecite - Crystal Reading Cards

 Scolecite Enhances a deep sacred space of meditation and relaxation.

 Promotes inner peace and tranquility supports you in the awakening of your own wisdom.

 Allow access to deeply held subconscious memories for transformation 

Assist in purification and illumination of the soul 

 The devas of Scolecite are shining their light upon you now, inviting you to float gently into your peaceful place within . 

 It's time to experience a deeper sense of tranquility in your life, open to feel the waves of peace surrounding you now. 

 You are being encourage to let go of all outside influences, stress and expectations and allow yourself just be for a moment. 

 Breathe in the energy of Scolecite breath out that no longer serves you or has been worrying you or has been no longer serves you or has been worrying you. 

 Drawing this card is a reminder that it is time to re enter your peaceful place within. If you have been experiencing stress , turbulence, conflict. 

The devas of Scolecite are here to share with you that the challenging time is over and peace upon you. 

 You may like to go for a walk in nature, meditate or do something that allows you to feel peace in your world. 

Open, receive and allow every cell of your being the energy of peace to transform your life.

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