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The Star-Witches Tarot

The Star-Witches Tarot
The Star-Witches Tarot 

Yes The star is telling you there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn't
give you false hopes, it tells you there'll be bad times before you reach to good times.

Life is not bed of roses, life is full of good and bad times, when you understand & accept to learn this, you'll learn to be happy in life,

The Star-Witches Tarot
The Star-Witches Tarot 

Life is about hopes.

You need to be more confident.
Everything will change gradually,

Star tells you either you achieved your goals by going through hardships, or you have to go through hardships to achieve your goals

Know that you are special, luck is just around the corner.

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper "I Love You"
Birds singing in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me

Dream a little Dream Nat King Cole

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