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Temperance - Imperial Dragon Oracle

Temperance - Imperial Dragon Oracle
Temperance - Imperial Dragon Oracle 

Number: 14
Traditional Name:Temperance
 Energy:interplay of yin and yang
Keyword Meaning:  Unification 

Temperance symbolizes the unification of yin and yang and the reconciliation of apparent opposites. 

Yin and yang are not actual opposites, but rather two sides of the same coin. 

Temperance - Imperial Dragon Oracle
Temperance - Imperial Dragon Oracle 

How can day exist without night or light without darkness? When we find harmony in places that once held contradiction,we naturally move to a higher vibration and find a deeper level of inner peace. 

This is the primary lesson of temperance. When we integrate the conscious with the unconscious and the physical and the spiritual, we begin to see a much broader picture. 

The key is seeking moderation in our thoughts, actions, and opinions.Open-mindedness allows us to see the big picture and to have awareness of other people's perspective.

 When We temper our choices, we gain strength of character 

If you stand in a place of balance with an open mind, you will make clear decisions and bring otherwise incompatible energies together, To accommodate and reconcile different energies, you must remain centered. 

Have the courage of your convictions, but be ever mindful of the potential unbalancing effects of the unexpected. In the footsteps of patience,self-control and temperance, success will follow.

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