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Autumn - Angels & Ancestors Oracle Deck

Autumn - Angels & Ancestors Oracle Deck
Autumn - Angels & Ancestors Oracle Deck 


Release the Old and Rest 

 Release all of the pressure and expectation weighing you down. 

Shed it all so that you can recover before moving into a time of renewal. 

Autumn is when the trees are preparing for the long cold winter and must let go of all the weight they are carrying in order to continue to grow and prosper. 

Sometimes you too just have to surrender an aspect of yourself in order to continue to grow and prosper.The raven on the Autumn card shows that there is an opportunity to heal at this time.

In Celtic Animal medicine, the raven is the bird of healing and initiation. 

The healing it brings is a shift that allows you to move into a more powerful psychic space where you can be more aware of your needs and desires, and be better supported. 

 You know what is heavy, what is holding you back. Is It a person, a situation, a dream? Like the trees letting go of their leaves and fruit in the autumn, it's time to let it go.

When you hold on, you try to control reality and that never works. When you let go, you makespace for the new to enter your life.

Sometimes letting things go is much better, rather than living in with pain, sorrow and unhappiness. 

Find a way of healing yourself, whether this will be by having little spring cleaning, getting rid of things that's making you to cling on old memories, or making new circles to forget about bad things, starting a new diet, new life style, or by creating a brand new you, rising from your ashes like a phoenix 

You can not hold on and try to control things nothing will work out, but when you learn to let it go, you'll open a space for new. 

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