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Nymphs of Cioclovina Cave

Nymphs of Cioclovina Cave
Nymphs of Cioclovina Cave

Treasure & Skulls,  Found in 3,300-year-old Transylvania Cave

In 1960 when archaeologists exploring Cioclovina Cave found glass beads, precious stones & amber in tombs inside Transylvania Cave, it was suggested that around 3,300 years ago it was a subterranean temple to nymphs.

Nymphs of Cioclovina Cave
Nymphs of Cioclovina Cave

The study of the researcher showed that trade route existed around 1000 years before the Silk Road, starting from the North, through Central Europe, to today's Syria & Iraq which was a part of Mesopotamia then.

The most important question s why would those precious items be placed in a remote Transylvanian cave

As you all know Transylvania is the home of THE REAL DRACULA (not a vampire as he was shown in literature)

Transylvania sits on a plateau surrounded by the great arc of the Carpathian Mountains in central Romania as well as surrounded by medieval castles, cities, and ruins

You could get gold from it's rivers and copper from the mountains, so it was an important place for the merchants and people from North & South

Archeologists found exotic offerings, amber beads, bronze & glass jewelry, pottery etc inside the Cioclovina Cave, the analysis of the glass beads proved that it has been made of Mesopotamian and Egyptian glass.

Maybe the treasure was used to sacrifice to the gods, Transylvanian gods

The archaeologists found 2,325 glass beads, 570 beads made of faience and 1,770 and amber.

Image Source :Haaretz

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