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I promised that I will be back with my dark fairies post, so here we go

Go grab your tea, coffee or hot choco and let's start

I have to thank to Catalina from YT for giving me the inspiration to blog about Lele, she mentions them on her Vlog I will link her vlog

The lele are feminine mythical creatures in Romanian mythology, They are described as faeries, with great seductive power over men, with magic skills.

They are only visible at night,when they enjoy dancing in their transparent dresses that reveals their bodies, with their loose hair, crystal-like voices, they are so beautiful that words cannot describe their beauty

According to legend they are live in the sky, in forests, in caves, on isolated mountain cliffs, reportedly have been seen bathing in the springs or at crossroads

Some Say iele are the souls of cursed women, who couldn't find peace after life, some say they are the daughter of Alexander the Great,called Catrina, Zalina and Marina & some claim they are actually Dacian High Priestesses, the guardians of the entire nature.

Not everything is clear when it comes to their name, some claim their name comes from the Cuman word of "yel" meaning wind, come claim it is originated from Sanskrit "vel", a word that makes one think of passing and death and some claim iele comes from iele meaning "them" in feminine, In Romanian folklore refers to Iele as the Ladies, the Beauties, the Empresses or the Powerful Ones.

Everyone is sure on one thing that iele don't like to be seen dancing and being spied on, and there are stories of men who became mute for life after accidentally seing Iele dancing

The iele are said not to lonely creatures, There are stories of Iele walking in groups 3, 6,9, they prefer cliffs, mountains, lakes, meadows, where they can dance with holding hands, in circles,where they can fly with or without wings; they can travel with incredible speeds, either on their own, or with chariots of fire, in the area they dance the grass disappears, earth burns, and remains burned, if someone tries to pass their circle, they remain ill forever, for life, even animals don't dare to cross their circles. The iele appear sometimes with bodies, at other times only as moral spirits. They are young and beautiful, lustful, hot immortals, their rapture causing hysteria in onlookers, and Iele said to have a very bad temper, but not being necessarily evil, Iele is not evil but they can be dangerous.

Though Ielele are not evil creatures, everything they touch becomes dangerous.If you ever decide to visit Romania avoid walking in the woods at nights and stay away from strange circles. And if you meet the lovely Iele, be polite and tell them that you are a stranger, a mere tourist maybe they will forgive you.

Iele not considered as evil,if you provoke & offend them, if they are seen dancing ,when people step on the land, ground they dance, sleep under a tree which the Iele consider as their property, drink from the springs or wells used by them, if you refuse their invitation to dance, if you mimic their movements they will seek revenge /

Another legend says Iele prefers to bath in lakes but also in people's fountains, water buckets, cups.

If you hear their songs randomly, you might become instantly mute, their beautiful voices enchant their listeners

The iele are also believed to be agents of revenge for God or of the Devil

Elders invented cures against the iele, either preventive or exorcistic in nature: garlic and mugwort worn around the waist, in the bosom, or hung from the hat; or hanging the skull of a horse on a pole in front of the house.

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