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Come to Life - Sacred Rebels

Come to Life - Sacred Rebels
Come to Life - Sacred Rebels

You are the most sacred of all sacred artworks. 
You are bringing yourself to life now and this is how it must be. 
Of course something being essential doesn't mean it COME TO LIFE will always be easy.
 You must support yourself and have courage during this process. 

Come to Life - Sacred Rebels
Come to Life - Sacred Rebels

Your monkey mind is not to run the show. It might have a lot to say and at times it seems very convincing, but it is not the one in charge. Your mind can inspire you with ideas. 
However, it is the real you that speaks through your rebellious sacred heart and is living your life, not the monkey mind. 
The mind is not much more than a swirling cacophony of habitual reactions. 
Beneath habitual thoughts there is a deep sensual, creative and energetic awakening happening to you. It is so far beyond what the mind is now capable of controlling. 
Others might not like it because it shakes things up coming to life tends to do that. 
However, it is happening now and the only real choice you have to make is how to deal with it. 
Coming to life means feeling. It might bring joy but it could equally bring sadness, rage or fear. It could bring all of these and more. 
Feelings will come and go quite swiftly when allowed to flow. You might need to paint, write, enact ritual, sing or dance your feelings to help the energy flow. Don't hold back. 
Create the space for yourself to do it. In this process you are uncovering the artistry of the universal creator. You are honouring the sacredness of life by exploring it without restraint and that includes the flow of your feelings. 
You don't have to do anything with them other than express. 

You may want to analyse or you may not. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are getting in touch with feeling. Learning how to access your feelings allows you to learn how to access your intuition, creative inspiration and genuine internal guidance. 


These aspects flow from the same place and are often couched within your feelings in the form of emotions as well as physical sensations. The journey underneath the mind and into a sensual, emotional connection with your feelings, emotions and body is for a sacred purpose. It is a part of your path. 


You are one of the sacred but powerful minority that have chosen to come into a body and live consciously within it. 


 That may seem like it applies to everybody but when you experience it for yourself, you will realise that this is actually rather rare. 


There are plenty of bodies without a spirit really residing within, to care for, love and honour them as a sacred animal. 

Fortunately this minority is powerful enough that it can keep human culture in balance. 
But only just! We need every single one of us that is capable, to be aware of the task and move beyond the mind and into the body. 
This is especially so if you have drawn the oracle of Beyond the Mind, the Heart Beats.
 You may feel drawn to read the guidance of that oracle once you have completed the healing process below, to support you on this part of your life path. 
 To come into your sensuality you will need to anchor your experiences. 
You may be blessed with relationships that are conscious enough to be interested in your journey in a constructive rather than controlling or undermining way. If so, talk!
 Converse! Share! 
If not, then you will need to be more
resourceful in how you support yourself through your awakening process - at least until you attract some more conscious connections into your life. 
It is likely that these connections are already on their way, just because you are working with the energy of this oracle deck. 
This is especially so if you have also drawn the Conscious Connections or Collaborative 
Dreaming cards or feel inspired to read one or both of those messages after you have completed the healing process below.
 You can support your own process by scheduling time for yourself and keeping to it like you would the most important date with destiny! So get to writing in your journal. 
Do your dances. Paint your pictures. 
Create your creations. Be kind to your body, listen to it and let it be alive. 
Even in times of pain, know that there will also be ecstasy and bliss as the process of healing and awakening continues. 
 The message of this oracle is, "Be alive!" 
Don't imagine you can go back to sleep. You are too awake for that now. 
There is no falling back into old ways. If you do so, it will be short lived and won't feel the same as it used to. You may grieve this. You will certainly (eventually) celebrate it. 
You have crossed the threshold from an old way of being in an old life and try as you might, you cannot return. It is better to let it go. 
Grieve if needs be, celebrate if needs be or do both and move on into this moment. 
There is another adventure awaiting you now. You need a deeper connection to your own instincts, body, feelings and intuitions so that you can receive this new calling. You can trust in it, too. 
Embrace it and it will embrace you. 
 Lie quietly and play some beautiful music that you love. 
Allow it to move through your body, as though the sound is pure energy and you are as light as air. 
Let the sound feel good. Let your cells receive the sound energy. 
Feel the music rattle about in your body, as if the sound waves are making your cells vibrate - they are! Let there be life. 
 Get up and move if you wish. If you have emotion arising, be with it but don't hold on to it. Let it rise and fall as it will. Be in this process as long as feels right for you. 
 Feeling you have had enough indicates that you have completed the healing process for this oracle. You may wish to repeat this exercise daily for several weeks, if so, choose music that feels right for you each time. 
You can then see the difference this healing process has on your wellbeing, your energy levels and the ease in which you access your intuition and feelings. 
Also note the clarity in what you perceive. You might be surprised at what a little music therapy, consciously received, can do for you 
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