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Letting Go - Guardian Angel Tarot

Letting Go - Guardian Angel Tarot
Letting Go - Guardian Angel Tarot

Letting Go:
“Releasing the past can seem like a challenge, but it can also be liberating. 
Your angels will help you let go so that you can fly higher than ever before. 
Endings always herald new beginnings. 
Letting Go - Guardian Angel Tarot
Letting Go - Guardian Angel Tarot

Every ending is a new begining
Choose to allow this situation to lead you to a more joyful life. 
Change your life by changing your thoughts!” “It can be very liberating to leave the past behind. 
So often we hold on too long. 
We look backwards at the past when we should be looking at the present or planning for the future. 
Your guardian angel brought this card to you today to say, “Let go, and I will walk with you and help you to spread your wings so that you may fly higher than ever before!” 
While this card often signals endings, it leads the way to new beginnings.
 It asks you to stop resisting the necessary change that will make you a more alive and fully vibrant human angel here on Earth. 
When experiences no longer serve your higher good, it is time to ‘leg go and let God.”
 Unlike most of people think it doesn't necessarily predicts physical death 
 Actually death card is one of the most positive things in the deck. It give us the news that something about to change in our lives. 
 It tells you that you need to put your past behind you and start a new. 
 There is a door open to you, just enter from that door and focus on the new and concentrate get exited about the new things waiting you in this new beginning 
Now you have move into a new chapter of your life, all things / everything will change in time. 
And your journey in this life is not different. 
 If you have been wrongly treated, this card is telling you that Karma will serve on your side, but if you had wrong doings, this card tells you karma won't be on your side this time. 
 Death card is not as scary as it looks but it bring us the news of an end, and a new beginning.
"End of relationship, marriage, friendship, end of a business contract etc, etc" 
Death card completes a cycle so that you can start a new.. 
Death card tells us to accept things in life and move on.. 
Although death card doesn't necessarily / always predicts physical death but it tells us except (it's an end of cycle, could well be end of a life cycle) but we can't for sure tell that someone is going to die as future not set on a stone, and we change our future with our choices and behaviours.. 
Death card is preparing you for the upcoming changes. 
Situations, things, people can change, nothing remains the same in life. 
Be careful these days as you might or will lose something valuable important to you.
 On this new journey to start a new the old you needs to die, only that way you can concentrate 
 Time to move on no matter how scary it's Accept the changes for your personal, physical and emotional growth. 
Take your time before starting into new adventures don't rush .
The Ascended Master of Death Card is Master El Morya 
He's the Master of the First ray. Death card is associated with Elderflower, they are planted in graveyards to protect against negative energy and spirits 
Change your thoughts and change your life. An anticipated ending. 
  • Transformation. 
  • Reincarnation.
  •  Resurrection. 
  • Freedom
are all related related to the Death Card 
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