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Tehuti Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards

Tehuti Egyptian Auset Oracle
Tehuti Egyptian Auset Oracle
 Depicted with the head of an ibis bird, Tehuti him self has a strong sense of cosmic humour despite being the god of magic, wisdom and alchemy. It was always Tehuti who devised an amazing plan to save all the ancient gods and goddesses in difficult situations. 
Tehuti Egyptian Auset Oracle
Tehuti Egyptian Auset Oracle
Likewise, as keeper of your soul, or Akashic Records, Tehuti can consult them for insight then clear them if needed through the benevolence of Auset and Maat, and the karmic release process. 
I am Thoth, or Tehuti, also known as Hermes the Thrice Born. Invoke me to see your Akashic Records for this is where the block is, and I can assist you to release this karma now by your request to me. 
I am a Time Lord, keeper of your soul records, and I saw you as you were judged in ancient days. 
Now I hand this role back to you, for humanity must be responsible for themselves with just some small assistance from above and below, by myself, Tehuti. 
Seek to release all past-life vows of pov erty and abstinence plus all karma from lives when you harmed others. 
Also, any past and present-life fears that having great wealth is wrong 
Look to past-life agreements, contracts and mar riage vows for present-day difficulties. 
Some difficulties with work being finan cially abundant due to past-life vows and beliefs. Ask for Tehuti, Maat and Auset to grant you a Karmic Release for this with excellent results.
Be prepared for delays and difficulties and only travel for business or if essential. 
Seek karmic release if health concerns don't resolve quickly. 
Consider changing your life contract if you have a major illness. 
Seek medical advice and treat ment also 
Your family disagreements and difficulties are due to past-life choices and karma. 
Your past has created your present but you now have the chance to change and greatly improve your future by meditation, your actions and alchemey
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