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Vulture - The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Vulture - The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
Vulture - The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
The sharp eyes of the Hawk watch our every move. 
 This keen-eyed bird has the ability to see every little detail as well as the bigger picture. When this card appears, fate has its eyes on you, and the winds are shifting. 
 Vulture spirit is giving you the news of new beginings 
Vulture spirit brings you changes. 
Vulture is asking you to take your time before giving any decisions. 
Vulture - The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
Vulture - The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck
You need to be patient
. Use all of your resources and combine them with your experiences of the past before giving any decisions. 
You also need to be flexible 
 Use your energy and resources efficently 

Vulture spirit is telling you, You need to be 100% sure before giving any decisons. 

Think twice and don't give ny harsh decisons

Vultures gives - brings you many opportunities, but you may not be able to see it considering your current situation.
 It is said that the Hawk carries news upon its wings and is sent from divinity itself to deliver it. 
Vulture spirit is asking you to open your eyes, and see what is going around you, get rid of your blinkers and see what's going on, look at things from bigger perspective.  

It will also help you to see the new opportunities waiting you . 

Don't fear of changes and new opportunities, you don't know what's waiting you or what life will bring you.

Vulture is also a symbol of renewal.
 The message should not be taken lightly... though it may seem small or insignificant, it will eventually redirect your course. 
 WHEN IN BALANCE: "sees" clearly, intuitive 
WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: sees too much, suspicious 
 TO BRING INTO BALANCE: perspective shift 

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