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Waning Gibbous 2

Waning Gibbous 2 - Queen Of the Moon
Waning Gibbous 2 - Queen Of the Moon


Waning Gibbous 2


Are you taking life too intensively or too seriously?

The time has come to call Pleasure in the pleasures of life.

Seek light-heartedness at this time.

Focus on what would make you happy.

Schedule inactivities you find pleasurable.

I open myself to the pleasures of life.

In our search for a better life, something happened along the way.

We forgot how to find real pleasure inwhat we do rather than just being diverted from the everyday Life can be overwhelming, and our rationalminds seem to need every available minute of our time to be able to cope with its demands.

Pleasure has taken the back seat, or there is a pattern of it now forming destructive tendencies such as binge drinking rather than simply having a wine or two with friends.

A big part of pleasure is letting go.

This does notmean surrendering or giving up; it simply means handing over of all our administration, stress and your health.

To be kind and tender to your miraculous body.

To give yourself the grounding and care you need.

To put your body first, To nourish yourself as you would a new born baby.

To treat yourself with tender care.

You may be called to switch things up with your body or your emotional wellbeing.

To call in a team of helpers to support you in navigating any challenges you may be experiencing emotionally.

The Arcturians are a galactic group of beings whohave mastered deep cellular and emotional healing.

They want you to know that it's possible to feelvibrant in your body and well in your skin.

To have your cells return to effervescence and vitality.

To find calmness and contentedness.

To have a soothed nervous system and a tranquil heart.


Place the card on the portal of your heart and whisper the following:

I'll take back my vitality and energy and feel moreand more healthy each and every day.

My bodyknows how to heal.

Our ancient ancestors knew the importance of pleasure in the forming of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

There were gods and goddesses dedicated to happiness and the pleasures of life, such as the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

The temples of Hathor were joyful places full of songs and beauty.

There were even small temples placed in her honour outside other major deities' temples so that people could be in a happy and contented mental mood before entering to worship.

The Egyptians clearly believed that having a positive or relaxed state of mind assisted in having a positive spiritual connection.

Companion stone: turquoise,

Life can be very stressful with work, and if you have kids that can leave a little room for personal pleasure for ourselves.

Stress brings negativity

Negativity is not good for our health both mental & physical health.

We need time for ourselves to make us happy, this can be a treat at the spa, lunch & dinner with friends or time at hairdressers, & manicure & pedicure time, or watching your favourite shows under the duvet with PJ's on.

Whatever is your choice, have time for yourself or spending time with your loved ones, keep your chin up and be happy.

Let go off things that no longer serves you. :)

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