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Discipline - Les Vampires

DISCIPLINE - Les Vampires
DISCIPLINE - Les Vampires

Training, Consistency, Practice

You want something to be easier than it must be in order for you to value it. You want something to happen faster than it can for your own growth and stability.

You are, in short, much like most humans we see. You lack discipline. 
DISCIPLINE - Les Vampires
DISCIPLINE - Les Vampires
There are times when we feel that in order to achieve something, or to reach a goal,we need only meditate upon it, visualize it as being real, and it will therefore come to us through the process you have come to call The Law of Attraction.

There is another law. The law of contribution and hard work and tenacity. It has no pretty name.It offers no quick fix. But it is real and its results are lasting and true. And this is the lesson with you at present.

There need beno stress, resentment or devaluation of what you will achieve simply because it did not arrive through effortless circumstance.The goal you have in mind is yours when you steel yourself to the hard work ahead. It will not be work that is wanted.

It will require doing things that many feel are unpleasant. But that is only because you modern humans are being trained out of your abilities to take on great tests. There is a desire within Your culture to at all times experience happiness and comfort

It has created generations of people who are physically fundamentally lazy, and spiritually apathetic. Elbe discipline that is being required of you will result in a great breakthrough.

You know that a major part of your life requires a change, and the brutal truth, which we give you here, is that this will be hard. You must not wait for motivation and desire, You must commit, and build the discipline to carry through this plan that will see so many blessings able to enter your life.

Carving out the doorway will take will power, action, and showing up, again and again


You have the ability to create a program of change, and stick to it, and after a period of time, it will transform from painful to pleasurable.

Tie freedom and strength it affords you far out weigh the pain you experience in the short term.


Self-doubt could compromise the potential you now have.

Do not allow this! This challenge you face will go beyond what is easy and pleasant to do, and yet it will bring you all that you wish for, and the strength of character you sometimes have doubted you have.

It is time to lay a plan down, to create structure, and to stick to commitments. You must clear doubt, and into the space its absence creates, pour action.


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