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Misalignment - The Lantern Oracle

Misalignment - The Lantern Oracle
Misalignment - The Lantern Oracle



WHAT IS POSSIBLE expands beyond our capacity to imagine when we attune our lives to what makes our Spirit Self sing.

It can be challenging to commit to whatever it takes to align all aspects of our life with our bliss. 


Misalignment - The Lantern Oracle
Misalignment - The Lantern Oracle

Often, we are met with obstacles such as fear, conflicting expectations from others and society, the need for ongoing discipline, the upheaval of releasing from our life all that is not aligned, and determining how to make our lives sustainable once we surrender it all to the bliss of living our truth.

Tie process of wholly aligning and integrating ourselves can feel like too much. We may be unwilling to take on the effort to risk, and loss from what this process involves.

This is totally understandable So is wanting to do it sporadically or all at once— the ball is always in your court with this.

Therefore, the importance of this card is its reminder that you always have the choice to turn toward, rather than away from, personal alignment.

Even if you take it one nuanced facet at a time, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the detail, it matters and will make all the difference to you.

Regardless of what you choose, it is always beneficial to be aware of where you are misaligned.

A way to do this is first to identify where you are aligned with this.

Place the hand that you write with on your heart and ask: What do I unconditionally love about my life? Write the answer in your journal. 

Repeat this process with the question: Which experiences, environments, people, and activities give me the greatest fulfillment ?

If your answers are taken from your past, include why they are now absent. Alternatively,your list may consist of how you would like your life to be.

If so,be sure to include the reasons your life is not this way at present.

Gently proceed to write with compassion where exactly you and certain aspects of your life feel uncomfortable, forced,outgrown, or in some way misaligned.

Unpack whether these areas have become part of your life from fear-based choices and thinking or from having compromised your truth, core values, or integrity in some way that you did not realize at the time.

Perhaps you would have done things differently if the circumstances had been different. For example, it may have felt possible to choose otherwise, if at the time you had made yourself a priority or felt a stronger sense of confidence, self-worth, or self-love, Or maybe with sufficient funds or the support, belief, and guidance that you needed from others, more preferable choices would have been available or made known to you. If any or all of these factors resonate, know that you arc not alone.

Take a moment to extend compassionate consideration, love,and honour to your former self's predicament and limitations. Beat peace and in acceptance of having done your best at that time.Had you known any better, you would have chosen and done better.

Now return your hand to its place on your heart and ask Spirit Self what you can do to initiate a loving step toward aligning one detail of your life with your truth.

Write down the answer.

When you are ready, decide whether to act accordingly. You may wish to repeat this journal exercise each time you seek clarity on the next aligned step available for you to take and whether or not to take it.

MOTHER'S MESSAGE:Regardless of how misaligned things may seem, alignment is only ever a different choice and action away. Trust that Spirit Self will more than meet you halfway in supporting you through each aligned step that you choose to take.

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